Setup CLI Access for the cluster

This section documents how to set up CLI access to a cluster. If you do not already have access to a cluster, refer back to the Getting Started section.

Install OpenShift CLI tools

The oc CLI will be the main mechanism to interact with your OpenShift cluster. We'll be downloading and installing the CLI, and adding it to your environment path.

NOTE: Check for newer releases on the OpenShift Origin Releases page.

Download the oc tarball.


Unpack the tarball

tar -xvzf openshift-origin-client-tools-v3.11.0-0cbc58b-linux-64bit.tar.gz

Rename it for ease of use

mv openshift-origin-client-tools-v3.11.0-0cbc58b-linux-64bit ${HOME}/oc-cli

Update PATH.

NOTE: If you restart your cloud shell, you may need to re-run this command.

export PATH=${PATH}:${HOME}/oc-cli

Verify the utility is available by using which and the help command.

which oc
oc help

Access the OpenShift Web Console

To launch the OpenShift web console, navigate to the IBM Cloud Clusters Dashboard, find your cluster, and click on it.

Clusters Dashboard

Click on OpenShift web console on the top right to launch the web console.

Launch the OpenShift web console

Once in the OpenShift web console, click on the email/ID in the upper right. Choose the Copy Login Command option.

Copy the login credentials

Access your cluster using the oc CLI

In a new termimal, paste the login command you copied from the web console.

oc login --token=NYVkVysxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRQa8tM

You should see a success message similar to the one below:

oc login --token=NYVkVysxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRQa8tM
Logged into "" as "IAM#[email protected]" using the token provided.
You have access to the following projects and can switch between them with 'oc project <projectname>'

Validate cluster access using oc commands

View nodes in the cluster.

oc get node

View services, deployments, and pods.

oc get svc,deploy,po --all-namespaces

View projects

oc get projects