Create an IBM Cloud account / Access an OpenShift cluster

In this section, you will login to your own IBM Cloud account, and then get access to a IBM Cloud Lab account which contains pre-provisioned clusters. Each lab attendee will be granted access to one cluster.

Setting up your IBM Cloud ID


Accessing the Cluster

Instructors will provide a URL to a web app. Enter your IBMid (the email you used to sign up) and the lab key (also provided by the instructor).

Get clusters app

Follow the instructions on the next page. You will be added to the IBM Workshop account and granted access to a cluster. Note the name of your cluster. In the example below, it's TorontoMulticlientWorkshop31.

Instructions to access cluster

Back in IBM Cloud, refresh the IBM Cloud Dashboard. If required, switch to the 1840867-IBM account by clicking on the account selection drop down in the top nav bar.

IBM Account

Click on Clusters in the Resource Summary tile.

Find the Resource Summary tile

Under Clusters, click on the cluster that has been assigned to you.

Choose a cluster

Launch the OpenShift web console and have a look around! You can come back to this dashboard throughout your lab.

Launch the OpenShift web console