Lab 1 - Installing Istio

In this module, you will use the Managed Istio add-on to install Istio on your cluster.

Managed Istio is available as part of IBM Cloud™ Kubernetes Service. The service provides seamless installation of Istio, automatic updates and lifecycle management of control plane components, and integration with platform logging and monitoring tools.

  1. Download the istioctl CLI and add it to your PATH:

    curl -L | ISTIO_VERSION=1.5.6 sh -
    export PATH=$PWD/istio-1.5.6/bin:$PATH
  2. Enable Managed Istio on your IKS cluster:

    ibmcloud ks cluster addon enable istio --cluster $MYCLUSTER
  3. The install can take up to 10 minutes. Ensure the corresponding pods are all in Running state before you continue.

    kubectl get pods -n istio-system

    Sample output:

    istio-egressgateway-6c966469cc-52t6f 1/1 Running 0 69s
    istio-egressgateway-6c966469cc-qq5qd 1/1 Running 0 55s
    istio-ingressgateway-7698c7b4f4-69c24 1/1 Running 0 68s
    istio-ingressgateway-7698c7b4f4-qttzh 1/1 Running 0 54s
    istiod-cbb98c74d-2wvql 1/1 Running 0 54s
    istiod-cbb98c74d-kcr4d 1/1 Running 0 67s

    Before you continue, make sure all the pods are deployed and either in the Running or Completed state. If they're in pending state, wait a few minutes to let the installation and deployment finish.

  4. Check the version of your Istio:

    istioctl version

    Sample output:

    client version: 1.5.6
    control plane version: 1.5.6
    data plane version: 1.5.6 (4 proxies)

    Congratulations! You successfully installed Istio into your cluster.