App Modernization Workshop

In the workshop you will learn about foundational open source technologies and industry-wide accepted best practices for building modern, scalable, portable, and robust applications. You will learn migration strategies for moving legacy, monolithic WAS applications into Liberty containers running on Red Hat OpenShift, and some of the common pitfalls to watch out for.

Agenda Catagories

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Cloud Workshop + Cloud Shell Setup Instructions

Run these steps to setup your environment for the labs

Technology Foundations

Lecture: Docker/K8s Summary

A Quick Overview of Docker/K8s for an advanced audience

Lecture: Docker

What is Docker?

Lab: Docker

Series of Docker Labs

Lecture: Kubernetes

What is Kubernetes?

Lecture: Operators Standalone

Standalone Lecture on Operators (also included in Kubernetes Lecture)

Lab: Kubernetes with Operators

Series of Kubernetes Labs

Lab (alternate): Kubernetes 101

Kubernetes Introduction Labs (Deploying & Scaling Apps)

Lecture: Helm

Helm Overview Lecture

Lab: Helm

Series of Helm Labs

Microservices Development

Lecture: Microservices

Microservices Principles, Patterns and Implementation Considerations

Wrap up


Lab: Deploy Microservices

Deploy Microservices Application Lab

Lecture: Istio

Overview of Istio Service Mesh

Lab: Istio

Working with Istio (Deploying Applications and Traffic Management)

Modern Development in OpenShift


Introduction to Application Modernization

Lecture: S2I and Templates

Learn about S2I and Templates in OpenShift

Lab: S2I and Templates

Deploy Cloud Native Applications using S2I

Lab: S2I Open Liberty

Write your own S2I Scripts for Open Liberty


Lecture: CI/CD for Kubernetes and OpenShift

Jenkins Pipelines in OpenShift Lecture

Lab: CI/CD for Kubernetes on OpenShift

Jenkins Pipelines in OpenShift Lab

Lecture: Overview of Tekton Pipelines

Tekton Overview Lecture

Lab: Tekton on OpenShift

Tekton Pipelines in OpenShift Lab

Lecture: CI/CD Options for Kubernetes

Covers breifly... why CICD for microservices, Jenkins, Jenkins X, Tekton, and ArgoCD

Lab: CI/CD for Kubernetes on IKS

Jenkins Pipelines in IKS Lab

Application Modernization

Lecture: App Modernization Migration

Learn about Application Modernization Migration Approaches

Lab - Explore Transformation Advisor

Run Transformation Advisor against WebSphere

Lecture: 12 Factors

Cloud Native Development – 12 Factor

IBM Value Add

Lecture: IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

Overview of IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

Technology Used

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Helm

  • RedHat OpenShift

  • IBM Kubernetes Service

  • IBM Transformation Advisor

  • Jenkins

  • Istio