Git integration (using GitLab)
A Cloud Pak for Data project can be integrated with a git repository.

Create an empty repository

Use the GitLab menu to create a project and an empty repository.

Generate a token in GitLab

To create a token for GitLab, login to GitLab, click on your user account in the top right and choose Settings:
GitLab user account
From the left navigation bar select Access tokens and fill in the name, expiration date, and check the boxes for read_api, read_repository and write_repository. Finally, click Create personal access token button:
GitLab select Access Tokens
On the resulting page, you'll see your personal access token. Copy this.
NOTE: This token gives access to your git repository. Do not share with anyone.
GitLab copy Access Token
Now go back to the Cloud Pak for Data Create project page and we'll add the token.

Create a project with git integration

Go the (☰) menu and click Projects
(☰) Menu -> Projects
Click on New project +
Start a new project
Create a new project
  • Choose Analytics project and click Next.
  • Click on Create an empty project.
  • Give the project a name.
  • Click the box for Integrate this project with Git.
Click on New Token +
  • Select Gitlab in the Platform pulldown.
  • Paste the token that you have created under Access token.
  • Enter your GitLab username and give your token a name.
  • Click Continue.
Use the Token pulldown and select the token you created.
Put in the repository URL, select a branch, and click Create.
Create Project with git
When project creation completes, click on View new project.

Create assets and push to git

Now if we create an asset in the project, we can push to git.
At the project overview, click the Add to project + button, and choose Notebook:
Add a new asset
On the next panel select the From URL tab, give your notebook a name, provide the following URL, and choose the Python 3.6 environment:
Click Create notebook.
Now, go back to the top-level project page, click the "circular arrow" sync-icon, and choose Pull and push:
git pull and push
On the Confirm Sync page, select your token, check the box for your notebook, and click Sync:
git confirm sync
The next screen will verify "Did you remove credentials from assets?". After confirming this, click Continue export.
After syncing, the screen will show Success. You can click Back to project.
You can integrate git into your workflow in your usual way, syncing with teammates via 'git pull' and using 'git push' to upload your changes to the git remote repository.