Advocacy Workshop

This is a template for workshops hosted on GitHub Pages using Material for MkDocs. To view it online, go to:
Create a new repo based off this template, and use the following folders as a guide:
- data (any data (CSV, JSON, etc files) to be used)
- docs (this is where the workshop is documented)
|_ <folder-n> (these are exercises for the workshop)
|_README.md (the steps for the exercise, in Markdown)
|_ README.md (this will appear on the gitbook home page)
- notebooks (any Jupyter notebooks can go here)
- src (any application source code can go here)
.mkdocs.yaml (configuration for mkdocs)
.travis.yaml (runs markdownlint by default)
README.md (only used for GitHub.com)

Tips and conventions


Screenshots look better if they are full page. Use ImageMagick to create a nice border around images with this command:
magick mogrify -bordercolor gray -border 2
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