Exercise: Integrate MQ with

In this task, you navigate to the MQ Console and check the MQ configuration. You can create a new queue that accepts incoming data.


  1. Summary

1. Get MQ connection details

Launch the MQ service. If a security warning is see, add an exception and proceed.

Launch MQ

In the MQ Console page you should have a single queue manager named mq1. If you see queues on mq1 skip ahead, otherwise, click the Add Widget button.

Add a Widget

Click Queues to create a queue widget. You can add different widgets into MQ Console, including MQ objects such as: charts, queues, topics, listeners, channels, etc.

Add a Queue Widget

From the new Queue Widget, click the Create(+) button to create a queue for the mq1 queue manager.

Start creating a new queue

In the pop-up window create a new local queue named MYQUEUE.

Create a new queue

A new queue will be created, take a look at the queue depth, it should be 0.

Queue depth should be 0

To connect to the queue we'll need information such as the hostname and port of the queue manager. To get this information go to the (☰) menu and choose MQ > mq-1 > Release details.

MQ release details

Scroll down to the bottom of page, make a note of the queue manager hostname and listener port.

MQ connection info


Congratulations! You successfully completed the following key steps in this lab: