About Day 2

Day 2: Customizing Stacks, Pipelines in Collections

In the second day we'll learn about the Kabanero open source project and how to productionize our applications with custom Appsody Stacks, custom Collections, and custom Tekton pipelines.



Lecture 4: Customizing Appsody and Kabanero

Learn about the stacks and repos

Exercise 5: Customizing an existing Appsody Stack

Create a custom stack, to be hosted in our custom repository

Exercise 6: Building a custom Collection

Create a collection that will contain custom appsody stacks and pipelines

Exercise 7: Using a custom Collection with Appsody

Test the developer experience with the custom appsody stack in the collection

Lecture 5: Tekton Overview

Learn about Tekton CI/CD and how Kabanero uses it

Exercise 8: Create a custom Tekton Task and Pipleline

Build a pipeline that will fit into a custom Collection

Exercise 9: Deploy an application with a custom Stack, custom Collection, and custom Pipeline

Build and deploy an application using the custom stack, collection and pipelines built by the Architects' and Operators' tracks