About Day 1

Day 1: Kabanero and Appsody for Developers and Operators

In this first day we'll learn how to use Appsody to run the inner loop of the development and test cycle for a developer, and how these tools can be integrated into your favorite IDE.

We'll also explore how to deploy an application to OpenShift, first manually with Appsody for dev/test purposes, and then using the standard Kabanero Tekton piplines with GitOps as part of a continual test/production cycle.

Our goal for the end of the day is represented below. But, don't worry about it right now, we'll get there together by following the exercises step-by-step.

Our end state when Day 1 is done




Lecture 1: What is Cloud Native?

Learn about the technologies that underpin Cloud Native applications

Lecture 2: Kabanero Overview

Learn about Kabanero. An open source project to rapidly create Cloud Native applications

Exercise 1: Introduction to Appsody and Codewind

Install the Appsody component of Kabanero into the IDE with Codewind, Learn about the developer flow, building your first application with Appsody

Exercise 2: Using Appsody CLI to develop, test, and debug applications

Use the Appsody CLI to quickly create frontend and backend applications for a sample application using two different technologies (Spring and nodejs express)

Exercise 3: Deploying to OpenShift with Appsody

Deploy the built applications to IBM Managed OpenShift with Appsody for dev/test purposes

Lecture 3: Adding value with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

Learn about how IBM Cloud Pak for Applications bundles everything together

Exercise 4: Use Tekton and Kabanero Pipelines to continuously deploy

Deploy the built applications to IBM Managed OpenShift using GitOps to trigger a Tekton pipeline